Japhy's Descent Videos
The Pocket
Bounce - Live From ALMF:Rogue:CASA
Live music video directed by Roland Wakefield with live footage from Rogue Bar, ALMF and CASA sunba!
Official video for Owl from the upcoming Christopher Robin CD. Directed by Tristan DeDe.
Japhy's Descent CD Release Promo
Shot on location at the Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, AZ and with Jellyfish! They were amazingly great dancing jellyfish that worked hard and practiced all their dance moves. Directed by Ari Leopold
Ballad of Dean GoPro Helmet
Japhy's Descent performing "Ballad of Dean" w/ special guest Kalen Lander of TKLB live at the Sail Inn.... Tempe AZ 2013
Lucid Limits at Club Red
@Tempe, AZ
Japhy's Moon Landing @ Smokey-Treat Island
a moon landing is a type of descent (but it's not the moon, it's arizona!) Directed by Ari!!!
Answer 42 @ Club 910
@Tempe, AZ
Japhy's Descent on KWSS 93.9 FM - DWG
Japhy's Descent plays "Owl" on 93.9 FM KWSS - Driving With Gass! https://www.facebook.com/DrivingWithGass
The Beatles Tribute :)
@Rogue Bar Scottsadale, AZ