About Japhy's Descent
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Genre(s): Alternative, Blues, Rock
For over half a decade Japhy's Descent has been rocking out in every local venue throughout the Phoenix metro area. Their combination of blues, hard rock and classic rock comes is an electrifying sound whether it's found on record or in their stunning live show. If Japhy‚??s Descent first record was Just A Peak (2011), everything since then has been the entire mountain range, it seems everything they do is a blues drenched, psychedelic, rock odyssey and keeps going. Japhy's Descent consists of Travis (lead vocals/guitar), Martin (lead guitar), Brian (bass), and James (drums). Together they have crafted an amazing sound that has garnered a loyal and fervent fan base. Their shows are always an amazing experience that attract more interest with each passing gig.

The first great record Japhy‚??s Descent released was the Feedback EP, which was a four song affair previewing their following release. This led to their stunning double album Moon Noon, featuring one disc of acoustic tracks joined by their fellow artists in the community and the other disc featuring the raw rock‚??n‚??roll of Japhy‚??s Descent. Both of these releases were produced by Brian and they stood out as a clear sign that Japhy's Descent had truly come in to their own. This fall Japhy's Descent released their newest masterpiece and highly anticipated new record, Christopher Robin an album inspired by Benjamin Hoff‚??s book The Tao of Pooh. Featuring singles like "The Owl" and "Bounce" it is their best work to date. It far surpasses their previous releases in scope, vision and sheer brilliance. In concept, execution and delivery Christopher Robin is one of the finest full length album of the year. Clearly, Japhy's Descent is on a roll and their music seems to get better with each show, each recording and each passing day.

Contact: info@japhysdescent.com

-Japhys Descent